Research Project: The Use of Technology in Preaching

Joe BuchananLast week, I shared with you that I am currently working on a research project to study how technology is being utilized in preaching.  To help me measure the extent and effectiveness of how technology is being used in preaching I have put together two surveys — one for lay people and the other for preachers.  My goal is to collect as many responses from these two surveys as possible and to use them to provide some measurement of how technology is being utilized by preachers in the preparation and presentation of their sermons as well as how these efforts are being received by the church.  I would greatly appreciate your help in this project in two ways.  First, please take a few moments to click on the links below to take the appropriate survey.  Second, share this post with your friends in the church or the ministry to help me gather as much data as possible.  Finally, continue to visit the blog and be sure to look for the results of this study.  I plan to publish a series of articles here about what the research shows.





The Use of Multimedia in Preaching

English: USU7 multimedia applications Българск...
English: USU7 multimedia applications Български: Мултимедийни приложения в УСУ7 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am a late comer to the multimedia revolution that as swept the church.  To be honest, my reluctance to embrace and use multimedia has been the result of a combination of laziness and pride on my part.  But over the past couple of years, I have experienced a change both in the way that I think about multimedia and the way that I use it in my preaching.  Frankly, I am still new to this whole process and it is all very new and scary to me, but I am try very hard to learn how to use the new media to declare the eternal truth of God’s Word.

In my usual geek driven way, I have decided to do a great deal of research into this area and to try to learn as much as I can about how multimedia is changing the way we preach.  In fact, I have started putting together a rather extensive research project that is intended both to help me personally and to make a contribution to the overall field of expository preaching.  In the coming days, I would greatly appreciate your help and input in helping me to conduct this research.  Within the next ten days or so I will be posting links for both lay people and Pastors to participate in a survey that I am putting together intended to measure how extensively multimedia is being used in the church and how effective it is in conveying the message of the Scripture.  You can help me both by participating in the survey and also passing the survey on to other church members and Pastors.  The more people that I can get to respond to the survey the better the results will be.  As I work on the project I will be periodically posting the results and some thoughts here on the blog.  In reality this is part of my bad habit of thinking out-loud but also reflects my desire to develop a dialogue about the subject.  So I hope that you will interact and dialogue with me as I think about this subject and try to develop some ideas about the best practices for the use of multimedia in preaching.