A Special Request for All of My Friends and Fellow Bloggers

Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 4.21.03 PMToday I have two major pieces of news to announce and a special favor to ask all of my friends.  Let me begin by giving you the news.

First, I am proud to announce that on May 5th, I will be launching the sale of my new book “Cultivating A Gospel-Shaped Attitude.” Throughout the process of writing and publishing this book, I have been convinced that God is going to use it in a tremendous way.  The book is going to be available through several retail outlets but I am encouraging everyone to buy it through Amazon.com.  I will send you more information about prices and how to buy the book as the launch date gets close.

Second, I am even more excited to share with you that during the entire month of May 100% of the profits from the sale of the book will be donated to our mission fund at First Baptist Church, Metropolis.  After May, I will continue to give 25% of the profits to this missionary work in Haiti but we have a special opportunity to make an impact on the lostness in Haiti during the month of May.   My prayer is that over during the month we will sell 5,000 copies of this book, which would help to raise over $10,000 for our mission’s efforts in Haiti.  But I need your help!  Let me give you three ways that you can help:

1.) Pray –  In fact, if you don’t do anything else please pray for this book and offer to be used to touch people’s lives.  Throughout the process of writing the book, God spoke to my heart and helped me to grow in my spiritual life.  I am certain that it is going to be a blessing to all who read it.  But the proceeds from the sale of this book are going to help make an even farther-reaching impact on the people in Haiti.  Pray for God to use these funds to spread the gospel, plant churches and change lives in the country of Haiti.

2.) Bloggers needed to review the book  If you are a blogger, I am willing to send you a free PDF copy of the book in advance if you will commit to doing the following 3 things for me:

A.) Write a review of the book on your blog during the week of May 5th-12th.  The review can be positive or negative, but I want you to be honest and fair.  In order to make the greatest impact I am asking you to please hold off publishing your review until May 5th.

B.) Please share with your readers the link on Amazon where they can buy the book.  This is not live yet, but I will send it to you in an email once the book goes live on Amazon.

C.) Please include in your review that during the month of May, 100% of the profits from this book will be used to fund missions work in Haiti.

If you are a blogger and interested in helping me spread the word about the book please send an email to joe@metrofbc.com and I will send you the PDF files containing the book.  Please be sure to include the web address for your blog so that I can verify it.

3.) Help me spread the news– You can start helping me to spread the news right now by simply by sharing this post on your Facebook or Twitter accounts.  But then I am going to really need your help is during the week of May 5th-12th. During that week I need you to help me spread the word about the release of this book as far as possible.  Please take a moment to follow me on Twitter or friend me on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/joe.buchanan.73744) so that you will receive updates.  During the week of the release I ask that you help me to share the news about this release to all of your friends and followers.

This book has been one of the most enjoyable projects in my life and I am hoping that it will be a huge success but more importantly I want it to make an impact on the lostness in Haiti.  I hope that you will help.

If you are interested in reading a short excerpt from the book click on the link below:


Review of “Dirty God: Jesus in the Trenches” by Johnnie Moore

Dirty GodIn his new book, “Dirty God: Jesus in the Trenches” Johnnie Moore takes the reader on an exciting journey towards understanding and experiencing the grace of Jesus Christ.  Moore is the 29 year old Vice President of Liberty University and a sought after commentator and speaker.  His experience as a world traveler, university public relations director, professor, and leader has given him a unique insight on the world.  In “Dirty God” Moore introduces us to a Jesus that many have never known before.  Rather than present the neat, well mannered, middle-class suburban Jesus that most of us have grown up hearing about, Moore shows us how Jesus got down into the trenches us life and got his hands dirty with us in order to reveal God’s enormous grace.  He writes, “This is a book about grace.  And how grace split time in half and made a broken world a playground again for the goodness and kindness of God.”  In each of the chapters of this book, Moore explores the various aspects and demonstrations of God’s grace revealed throughout the Bible as He enters into the midst of a messy world to save sinners.  I enjoyed the winsome and approachable way that the author presented well known stories from the Bible.  His approach brought out the surprising and often radical ways in which Jesus entered into the suffering of the world.  I believe readers who are familiar with the stories will be engaged and challenged to think about Jesus from a fresh perspective. Christians will gain a deeper understanding of grace from reading this book but they will also learn that grace is not just to be received, it is also to be given.  The deeper we understand the grace of God that we have received the more motivated we will be to give grace to those who we find in need.  This book is well written and will keep every reader’s attention.  It is also deeply Biblical and practical.  This book is especially relevant for our culture, which has lost the understanding of God’s grace.


Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher through the BookSneeze®.com <http://BookSneeze®.com> book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255