Seven Reasons Why John Kasich Should Be the Next President of the United States

I generally do not say much about politics but after looking into all of the Republican candidates running for President, I believe that Gov. John Kasich of Ohio should be the next President of the United States.  Here are seven reasons why I think he is the best candidate:

1.) He has experience in both the legislative and executive branches of government: US Congress 1983-2001, Governor of Ohio 2010-present)
2.) He is a fiscal conservative with record of cutting government waste while at the same time creating new jobs: In congress he was the chief architect of the 1997 balanced budget act. As governor of Ohio he cut taxes while at the same time creating a $15 billion budget surplus and over 300,000 new jobs for Ohioans. His opponents for the Republican nomination cannot match this record: Scott Walker’s from Wisconsin has created a massive budget deficit and the state suffers from lagging job growth. In Lousiana, Bobby Jindal has helped to create a $1.6 billion budget deficiit.  Meanwhile, Chris Christie has seen New Jersey’s credit downgraded 9 times while he has been governor.

3.) He is pro-life: As Governor he has led Ohio to provide additional prenatal and maternal assistance for pregnant mothers and fathers. Ohio now has 18 pregnancy centers for every 1 abortion clinic (national average is 6 to 1).

4.) He has a track-record of working with people from both parties: we do not need another President who cannot work with members of the other party. 

5.) He’s not Donald Trump- This guy is a joke.

6.) He once jumped on stage a Grateful Dead Concert- not sure how this qualifies him to be the leader of the free world but it doesn’t hurt.

7.) He’s from Ohio and has a 70% approval rating there- No republican has ever one the Presidential election without carrying Ohio.

Check out the facts and decide for yourself but I am going to cast my vote for John Kasich. The bottom line is that Republicans need to get behind a candidate that can win the election but also has the ability to govern.

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