Pastors: Unconfessed Sin is a Cancer in Your Life

Fresh Bread

storm cloudsSteve was a Pastor with a secret.  A secret that was tearing his life and ministry apart from the inside.  Like an undetected, untreated cancer, Steve harbored a secret sin deep within his heart that was eating away at his joy, his vitality and his faith.  Unknown to anyone in Steve’s life, he was deeply addicted to pornography and lived everyday with the fear of being caught.  “Everyday one of my kids picked up my phone or asked to use my computer I would panic,” says Steve.  “I never intended for pornography to take over my life the way that it did, but over the years it slowly consumed more and more of my life.”  On average, Steve spends at least an hour a day looking at pornography.  It started ten years ago, just after his wife Maggie had their third child.  The addition of another child in their home…

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