Find God’s Call and Then Do It

Over the past couple of months, I’ve been preaching through 1 Chronicles on Sunday nights.  Last night, we came to 1 Chronicles 28:1-10 where David is talking to the officials of Israel and his son Solomon.  One of the great concerns on David’s heart was to make sure that Solomon would stay committed to the task of building the Temple.  You will remember that David had wanted to build a house for God but was forbidden because of his past.  Instead, God promised that Solomon would build the temple and even more important God would establish the throne of David forever.  Towards the end of this passage, David tells Solomon, “Be careful now, for the Lord has chosen you to build a house for the sanctuary; be strong and do it.” (v.10)  

David knew that over time, Solomon would need this encouragement.  There would be times when he felt inadequate.  There would be times when he would get bored with this task and would want to do something else.  There would times when he would get discouraged and feel like giving up.  There would be times when the builders would get on his nerves.  There would be times when he simply got distracted by life.  In other words, David knew that Solomon was human and needed be reminded to stay on task.

As preachers and church leaders we need to “be careful” that we con’t get distracted or discouraged and end up derailed.  We need to remember who we serve and why we are serving.  We are building the temple of God and we serve the Lord Jesus Christ who loved us and gave His life for us!  This is not easy work and there will be times when we want to quit.  When those times come let’s remember the word’s of David to Solomon — “be strong and do it!”

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