Go See the “Son of God” and take a Friend with You

Last night around 170 members and guests of our church got the chance to preview the new movie “The Son of God.”   I want to encourage everyone reading this blog to go see the movie this week and to take a friend with them.  While the movie does not attempt to recreate any one of the four gospels verbatim and it does take creative license in rearranging some of the material, nevertheless, it is an accurate portrayal of the life and ministry of Jesus Christ.  Let me share with you some reasons why I think that Christians need to support this movie:

1.) It provides and excellent evangelistic opportunity.

The movie presents the gospel clearly and repeatedly.  In fact, of all of the movies that I’ve seen about Jesus, this is probably the best at presenting the gospel in a clearly understandable way.  This thrills me because I believe that it is going to be a major box office success and that means thousands of people who have not heard the gospel will have a chance to see it portrayed before their very eyes.  If you have been burdened by the spiritual condition of a lost friend, neighbor or family member, you should invite them to do see this movie with you.  It will be a great way to break the ice and to start a gospel conversation with them.

2.) It has been produced with excellence.

Many attempts at making movies about the Bible, especially the life of Christ, have been plagued with low production value and look shoddy.  This movie is not one of them.  The producers have obviously taken their time and the result is a beautifully shot and masterful film.  This is important because we don’t want people to be distracted from the message by a poorly shot or produced film.

3.) We need to support Christian film makers.

It is easy to criticize Hollywood and to point the finger at the filth that is often found in movies.  With the “Son of God” we have the opportunity to support fellow Christians, Mark Burnett and Roma Downey, in their effort to prove to Hollywood that Christian movies can be major box-office successes.  Let’s support them so that there will be more incentives to make good movies in the future.

4.) It will be edifying to your own soul.

This movie moved me.  It helped me to get a visual image of Jesus and to feel some of what it might have been like to watch Him perform miracles and to teach.  While there are a few little details that are out of place etc…, I would urge you to not watch the movie as a critic or to find fault but rather to simply be reminded of how amazing it must have been for the disciples to witness Jesus at work.  You will enjoy it.

5.) For preachers — this movie is an opportunity to start a discussion with your church.

This Sunday I am beginning a series of messages entitled “The Son of God” aimed at coinciding with the release of the movie.  For eight weeks, I am going to walk our people through the life and ministry of Jesus to help them gain a deeper understanding.  I’m not saying you have to do the same thing but it seems to me that this movie will be a major topic of discussion.  Why not use it to teach your people and invite unchurched people to learn about Jesus.