The Government Shut down and why we need to vote out every single congressman.

I’m not into politics and I have never used this blog to express a political opinion in the past and I have no plans to ever do it in the future.  But this morning I’ve decided to break precedence and perhaps even make a few enemies in sharing my opinion.  Over the past several days I have listened to the endless drone coming out of Washington about the government shutdown and quite frankly I am appalled by both sides.  Bottom line is this:

Republicans: YOU LOST on Obama care.  Get over it, get on with it, get off my television set and get

Official Portrait of President Ronald Reagan

back to work!  The more you talk about Obama care the more you remind the American people that you lost. This would be like Brian Kelly talking about the beating that Notre Dame took by Alabama last January over and over and over again.  Why do you want to keep reminding people that you got beat? Find something new to talk about and get it done.  You are supposed to be the party of Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan but you are acting like a bunch of whiny preschoolers who didn’t get your way on the playground so now you are throwing a temper tantrum.  Get over it!  Not a single one of you have had a productive thought in this entire process.  So you all have to go!  That’s right even Ted Cruz!  (FYI – Reading Dr. Seus in a pointless rant doesn’t count as getting anything done.)  Collectively you have shown that you cannot get anything done so as Donald Trump would say, “Your’re fired!”

English: meeting with at the White House. Fran...

Democrats: Okay, so you’ve won on Obama care but I wouldn’t get too comfortable if I were you.  You have dug your heels in and refused to compromise like spoiled brats.  Get over it!  Part of being a good legislature is learning the art of compromise.  You are supposed to be the party of Jack Kennedy and Tip O’Neill so start acting like it.  But once again you have proved that even when in control of the Senate and the White House you cannot govern, so you must go!  Everyone of you needs to be voted out as soon as possible.

Here is the bottom line, this crisis is going to pass but I hope Americans don’t forget what these knuckleheads have done in the next election.  If you want change, VOTE THEM OUT!  Ours is a government of the people, by the people and for the people.  That means that we get the government that we settle for, so let’s vote them out! That’s right, let’s vote out every single sitting member of Congress.  Let’s take back the government and get rid of all of the career politicians in Washington.  Think about it for a moment.  In any other business, we would fire someone who didn’t get their job done.  Lane Kifin lost too many football games and USC fired him.   Business leaders who can’t balance their budget or manage to get things done, get fired!  So why not Congress.  Apparently the way it works is that if you can’t get anything done in Washington you get reelected.  If we want change, WE NEED TO VOTE THEM ALL OUT!

2 thoughts on “The Government Shut down and why we need to vote out every single congressman.

  1. I have been saying and writing about this topic for a long time, even when Bush was President. Congress has too much power and abuse their powers everyday. They are about their images and legacy and put the people second.
    Growing up I was taught and thought the government was there to serve the people, not the other way around. I truly believe that if the American voters start to wake up and start a mass “voting out” on Congress maybe one day a Politician will wake up and realize that they actually have to work.

  2. The answer is simple…..And it has nothing to do with politics. Human nature and self-preservation is the key. You give ALL politicians and elected officials a few months instead of years to get some positive results. And if you don’t get those results, you fire their ass on the spot. Just like what would happen to you if you don’t do your job to expectations. Make every politicians pay equal to that of that politicians lowest paid constituent. How can a politician serve someone they have no clue of what that person is going through. I bet if they had to live the way we live, they would get something done about it!!! When and if they get fired, they don’t get to sit back and still collect a check. Get out there and work and actually see the outcome of their actions. The problem is people have become too comfortable and ignorant. Once you get back to playing PS3, X-box, twitter, and whatever else that distracts your mind. You forget all the bullshit going on around you on a daily basis. Until something comes up that makes you uncomfortable, we just sit back and take it….I’ve been looking around trying to find the process it takes to vote an elected official out of office before the term is finished. I haven’t been able to find it YET!!! If there is someone out there that knows how this is done, please share with the rest of U.S. and lets get started voting some of these guys and gals out of office. Not next year, not next election, not when the next crisis comes along…..NOW!!! Let’s make our forefathers proud and truly honor what our fighting men and women past and present sacrificed soooo much to protect!!!

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