Summer is Winding Down and It is Time to Start Blogging Again

Joe BuchananWell summer is just about finished.  Next week my kids go back to school— daughter to grade school, son to college— and the autumn is about to get started.  After a wonderful summer break, it is time for me to get started blogging and sharing some ideas about the gospel and the ministry with all of you.  My goal is to get back to blogging five days a week, but please bear with me for the next couple of weeks because my wife is having knee replacement surgery next week and I will be busy taking care of her.  So if I miss a day or two here and there you will know what it going on.


For next week, I am planning on sharing a series entitled “Five Traits of a Revitalizing Pastor.”  This series comes from several conversations that I have had lately with young men who are preparing to go into the ministry but are struggling to decide whether or not they would like to plant churches or be involved in revitalizing existing churches.  Both of these ministries are needed in the church and both come with their own sets of unique difficulties and challenges.  Next week, I will try to share some of my thoughts about the character and spiritual traits that a revitalizing pastor must possess.   I hope that you will pray for me as I prepare this series and also for my wife as she faces surgery.


My book “Cultivating A Gospel-Shaped Attitude: Understanding and Living the Beatitudes” is available on Amazon by clicking here. 

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