New Year = New Opportunities

missional Another year has come and gone.  In less than twelve hours, we will celebrate the end of another year and look forward with great anticipation to what the new year will hold.  For me personally, this past year has been one of great ups and downs but as it has drawn to a close I have a renewed sense of purpose and direction.  My challenge to you today is to think of how you will go on mission with God in 2013.  I have never been much for setting New Year’s resolutions, but over the past year I have been reminded about how precious every minute of our lives are.  How will use the time that God has given you to make an impact on the Kingdom of God?  Let me suggest a few areas where you may want to set some goals for this coming year:

1.) Bible Reading– we don’t spent nearly enough time reading our Bibles as we should.  I would strongly recommend a helpful Bible reading plan, such as “The Bible Eater” plan from the Gospel Coalition or one of the many daily Bible reading plans on YouVersion.

2.) Prayer– our spiritual growth and effectiveness in ministry is directly related to the quality of our prayer lives.  This is the missing element in the lives of most Christians.  Commit yourself to a plan to increase the amount of time that you spend in prayer.  Here is a helpful message from Desiring God entitled “Helping Your People Discover the Praying Life.”   Another helpful resource to improve your prayer life is Paul Miller’s book entitled “A Praying Life”  Click on the image to learn more about this book.

Praying life

3.) Ministry involvement– how will you get involved in your local church ministry this year.  Being a Christian is not a spectator sport, get involved in the ministry of the local church and you will be surprised at the amount of growth that will occur in your spiritual life.

4.) Missions Activity- find a local or foreign missions project through your local church and sign up to go.  A few weeks ago our church sent nearly 80 people to Nashville to work with a “The Bridge Ministry” and I have heard numerous stories about the impact that this simple act of service has produced in the lives of our people.

5.) Family– The greatest mission that you have is to impact the lives of your family members for eternity.  No matter what you do this year, don’t neglect the spiritual health and well-being of your family.

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