Mobilizing People to Go On Mission

The_Earth_seen_from_Apollo_17Yesterday, I shared with you about a change that has started to take place in the way I think about motivating people to go on mission.  In the past, I have always started laying out our missions plan with projects in our local area or state.  My thinking was that if I could get people to go on mission in their own community it would help them to develop a passion for going on mission in other places.  The idea was to start local and then go global.  But over the past years, I have started to rethink this strategy.  Not as the result of any strategic planning on my part, but rather by simply observing what has happened in our church.

At First Baptist Metropolis, we have seen a marked increase in the passion for our local missions as a direct result of people who have come back from  foreign trips.  In other words, we have seen the exact opposite of what I expected to happen. When our people have come back from trips to Haiti, West Africa and other places, they have returned with a new passion for the mission in all parts of the world, including their own back yard.  My theory is that by taking people out of their comfort zone they have become more sensitive to what God is doing and how desperate people right in our backyard are for the gospel.

Has anyone else seen this pattern in their church?

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