End of Summer Roundup

I need your help as a Pastor and am asking for your help.  As most of you know our attendance in the months of June and July slumps off because sports and vacations.  We always pick back up in the autumn and I am sure that we will this year as well.  However, this autumn is special in the life of our church.  On Sunday, September 13th, our building committee is going to present to the church the plans for our new building and on September 16th we will be having a business meeting to vote on whether or not to move forward and start building early in 2010.  This is a very exciting time in the life of the church and I want this fall to be one of the biggest that we have ever experienced.  With that said, I want to use August as a roundup month to start getting our worship and Sunday School attendances back up.  I am asking that everyone who reads this make the following four commitments:

1.)Pray daily for God to pour out a Spirit of revival in our church and Spiritual awakening in our community- Revival occurs when God’s people are reawakened to God’s presence and their affections are turned to away from themselves and the world to Jesus.  Spiritual awakening occurs when God begins to make people in a community receptive of the gospel.  We desperately need both of these to occur.

2.) Be here at every available worship service– your attendnace is a great encouragement not only to me but to everyone else as well.  Plus the series that I am preaching right now from Exodus is one of the most important that I have ever preached.  I believe that God is going to use them mightily in the coming months as we begin to finally “make” the move to our new location.

3.) Call members that you haven’t seen for awhile and invite them to come back– often times people just fall out of the habit and need to be reminded.  At other times people are hurting and need to know someone cares.  In either case, members who aren’t coming to church regularly need to be called.

4.) Invite unchurhced friends, family members, and neighbors to come to hear the gospel– Our summer interns discovered this summer that the majority of the unchurched in our community would come to worship if someone they knew would invite them.  We could see hundreds of people saved if each one of us would just make the committment to get on unsaved person to come to church with us in the coming months.

Perhaps this sounds like a desperate plea and it is but I firmly believe this fall could be one of the most important in our churches history.  If you are willing to make these commitments I encourage you to leave a note in the comments box and to email or Facebook this link to other church members and encourage them to make the commitments as well.

In His Service,

Bro. Joe Buchanan

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