Praying Like You Mean It

Sunday I preached a message entitled praying like you mean it.  In that message I challenged the church to beging to pray 1.) Consistently, 2.) Specifically, and 3.) Pruposefully.  As I examine my own prayer life I find that I struggle in each of these areas at times.  Consistency is always hard when it comes to prayer because our flesh and the devil both war against our spending any meaningful time in prayer.  I sometimes struggle with being specific in prayer out of pure laziness and spiritual lethargy.  Praying puposefully for me becomes a problem when I allow my prayer life to become dry and formal.  What I am wondering about is how has God spoken to you this week about your prayer life?  What steps are you taking as a result of Sunday mornings message to improve and deepen your prayer life?

One thought on “Praying Like You Mean It

  1. I apologize for being behind, but I’m just getting to read this. Personal prayer is tough just as Brother Joe suggests. I am constantly “fighting” for time to pray, then when I am in prayer my mind wanders and I get distracted I think because of the lack of specificity in my prayer. It never ceases to amaze me how much God loves us and is willing to put up with our laziness. My path forward from this message it to begin a prayer journal, tyring to keep up with prayer requests and prayers answered (or unanswered), and even how they were answered. This will be a battle as I’ve never done this before. Keep me in your prayers.

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